Cindy Derso

Cindy Derso


After years in corporate consulting and living on airplanes, Cindy M. Derso was ready for a change. Wanting to know more about her own finances prompted her to take evening courses. Once licensed, she began part time and quickly realized the impact she could have helping people pursue their financial goals. She's always worked to treat people the way she'd want to be treated and realizes that trust needs to be earned and never taken for granted.

In 2005, she and Craig Seligman joined practices, to form Proactive Wealth Strategies.  Aside from liking each other and respecting each others' skills, they realized their priorities for family, faith, and giving back, were very much aligned.  They built their approach for working with clients based on mutually agreeable values that included transparency and integrity. Every client receives a consistent, consultative approach for understanding their unique concerns, desires, and goals.  That process enables Cindy and Craig to design strategies to pursue a client's short and long term financial objectives.  Cindy and Craig understand that earning trust happens one step at a time and over time, is the only way to build long lasting relationships.

Originally from Michigan, Cindy made Roswell her home many decades ago.  She has one great daughter, Molly, who always holds 1st place in her heart.  Cindy also enjoys hiking, biking, canoeing, skiing, and yard work.

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