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How many years will your retirement last? What are the chances you’ll live past 90? Most of us answer those questions wrong because we don’t have strong longevity literacy. 1 That means that about 81% of us1 aren’t working with a viable understanding of our own life expectancy. Let’s explore how understanding longevity could create a positive impact in your retirement planning. What is longevity literacy? Longevity literacy refers to your knowledge about expected lifespans...
With healthcare costs often resembling an unpredictable market, and long-term care expenses looming, the post-work years require careful financial planning. This blog post advocates for partnering with a financial professional to navigate these challenges, offering tailored guidance on Medicare, long-term care funding, and retirement law changes. By preparing strategically, retirees can confidently set sail into their golden years, free from the turbulence of unforeseen financial burdens.
Believe it or not social media scams have been picking more pockets than any other scam today––including phone call and text fraud. 1 There have been more than $2.7 billion in losses to social media scams between January 2021 and June 2023. 2 And whether or not you’ve seen these cons in action, they don’t look the same today as they did even a year ago. 2 They’re becoming more personalized and harder to detect...